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about us

Welcome to VishiskuAt Vishisku, we're not just a fashion brand - we're a movement. We're a collective of creatives, visionaries, and rebels united by a shared passion for self-expression and individuality. Our handmade fashion streetwear is more than just a statement piece - it's a reflection of your personality, values, and style.

Our Story

Founded on the principles of innovation, sustainability, and empowerment, Vishisku is dedicated to redefining the fashion landscape. Our team of skilled artisans and designers pour their hearts and souls into crafting unique, high-quality pieces that blend streetwear swag with haute couture flair.

Our Mission

the mission: from festivals to anti-fashion expression, the vishisku‘s mission is to craft high-quality sustainable clothing that doesn’t adhere to societal standards and expectations. I use only the most durable materials for daring designs that stand the rest of time get in touch“

vishisku embraces a new era of design with fearless fashion that speaks to your inner anarchist”vishisku core valuesinnovation unorthodox, original and unique, each garment is created with the utmost attention to high-quality fabrics quality with carefully considered materials, all designs are hand made house at my studio in London versatility whether you need a prototype for a new line or an individual piece for a photo shoot, party or event, just give me a shout“i wield my avant-garde acumen to craft earth-shattering ensembles you won’t see anywhere else”Join the MovementEmbrace your individuality. Embrace Vishisku. Let's shape the future of fashion together.